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A Brief Economic Review

Just as it occurred during the 1930′s Great Depression, current markets have the tendency to default to a deflationary trend. This trend is being derailed (only temporarily) by the Central Bank’s increase in the money supply. Being determined to fight deflation, the Fed appears to be working at inflating. Such event keeps the markets up … Continue reading

Bridge Lending Simplified

Bridge loans have been excellent financing tools during the past several years. Investors use them as short-term financing to complete the task of stabilizing under-performing properties. When properties are renovated and fully leased out bridge loans are paid off and usually replaced with permanent financing. They are used for purchase and refinance projects. Generally a … Continue reading

Why Real Estate Investors Should Know This

A super smart lady friend of mine sent me a real interesting article written by one of her friends. Its title is “Why Do Banks Keep Going Bankrupt? Moral Hazard, Regulation, and a Century of Systemic Bank Insolvency“. You can read it here. It’s a brief analysis on why banks keep going bankrupt. I thought … Continue reading

The Realtor and Property Manager Partnership

As a member and contributor to several Commercial Real Estate investment sites I often come across newbie questions. These folks generally have some experience in the single family market and are dabbling with the idea of getting their feet wet in the multifamily sector. Here is a more recent one on the subject of real … Continue reading

Is Commercial Real Estate Over-Leveraged?

Moody’s tends to think so.  In a recent article on National Real Estate Investor, Bendix Anderson brings us a chilling discovery on the current state of affair of the Commercial Real Estate sector.  The findings are based on Moody’s recent warning regarding the average LTV’s during their recent rating assessment for securitization of conduit loans. … Continue reading