Posted in March 2011

Are you Fit to be a Real Estate Investor?

We certainly live in times of economic uncertainty. Not only at the macro level but the micro aspect, as well, considering that the big economic picture directly affects individuals’ lives. Volatility is the term used by most economists and finance managers and that simply means risk. So the big question for most people is how … Continue reading

Economic Bubbles 101

The all too common phrase of “Learning from History” has been the rhetoric amongst governments and central banks for decades. And because we’ve heard this most of our lives we may think that today’s economic events will not have the dire consequences of past mistakes. So is the case with the infamous Asset Bubbles that … Continue reading

What Is A Daisy-Chain?

In lending terms a Daisy-Chain is a string of Loan Brokers linked to each other during the process of a loan transaction. The event ultimately leads to the formation of a chain that starts from the Borrower’s direct Broker and ends with the funding source.  This scenario is typical for commercial loans and more rare … Continue reading

How do I get my Apartment Complex Deal Financed?

When it comes to this chaotic economic environment generally what’s a good bargain for you is not necessarily a great one for the lender. Let me explain how things work today. Let’s say you look at this vacant apartment building and after doing your math the potential Cap. Rate is at 15%. Awesome, you think! … Continue reading