Posted in April 2011

A Small Balance Commercial Loan Special

My small balance commercial lender called me today and asked me to bring them a few loans so I asked them “What’s in it for my client?” at which they replied… “How about if we waive the 1% Origination Fee for your client?” and then I thought to myself… “Hmmm, that’s not a bad deal, … Continue reading

Sound Money, the Answer for an Economic Recovery

Relying on the current main stream media news would most likely make one believe that we’re on the verge of an economic recovery. Despite the high unemployment rate, high number of foreclosures, a depressed real estate market, and rising prices on food and other commodities there’s plenty of optimism that comes straight from the Central … Continue reading

Reality Vs. Fantasy in Commercial Financing

During the past decade the U.S. economy has been riding a steep roller-coaster. The Dot-Com bust had been extinguished by another bubble, one of a much larger proportion that had a severe impact on the entire world. In 2007 the Real Estate bubble burst and its effects had triggered a near collapse of the financial … Continue reading