The Road to Serfdom

This and every Tuesday listen live to the most popular radio show on Voice America.  Jay Taylor’s “Turning Hard Times into Good Times” will help you understand how we got here, where we’re heading, and what you can do to not only survive but thrive during the coming economic crises.  This is a show you really don’t want to miss!

Tuesday 3:00 P.M. Eastern/12: noon Pacific

LISTEN TO THE SHOW Tuesday, Aug 9, 3:00 PM EST/12 Noon PST

This Tuesday Carmen Alexe and Jeff Nielson say policy makers are leading masses of humanity back to serfdom.  Carmen talks about her experience under Romanian communism and how those anti-market policies led to growing levels of impoverishment.  Jeff Nielson provides details suggesting Carmen’s experience in Romania will likely become common place in the entire western world thanks to the anti-market policies of the U.S. and Europe. As H. Davidowitz has pointed out, living standards for 80% of Americans are declining while the top 20% are doing well.  To try to help our listeners be among the top 20%, David Mason, the CEO of Augen Gold will be with us to tell of the potential for that company to outline a multi-million oz. gold resource in Ontario, and Chen Lin may also provide another making money idea on our weekly segment titled, “Making Money with Chen.”

LISTEN TO THE SHOW Tuesday, Aug 9, 3:00 PM EST/12 Noon PST

Voice America ImageDon’t forget to tune into Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Tuesday at 3PM ET, Noon PT.

If you miss the live broadcast you can listen to the archived audio files at any time after the show airs.arrow-blueListen to live or archived episodes

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