The Lending industry is quite chaotic and unpredictable, especially in today’s economic environment.  Banks will like your deal today and hate it tomorrow.  You see, many commercial loans are originated today as Portfolio Loans.  This means the lender keeps the loan in their portfolio for the entire term. So, if they find today they have too many retail centers in their portfolio, they will decide – over night and without a warning – to shift to apartment buildings.

With me this problem is eliminated.  I have a system of shopping for your loan to hundreds of lenders nationwide and target the ones that are currently lending for YOUR particular need.

What transactions can I help with? Purchase, Refinance, and in very few instances Construction financing.  Depending on your scenario I should be able to place your transaction under either a Conventional, Agency or an Alternative program, for those loans that won’t qualify the traditional way.  For a more detailed explanation of what’s realistic in today’s lending climate please read Reality Vs. Fantasy in Commercial Financing.  As far as the properties we cover:

  • Apartment Complex (more than 4 units),  Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), Independent Living Facilities
  • Shopping Centers, Strip Malls, Office Buildings, Medical Buildings
  • Motels/Hotels, Bed & Breakfast facilities, Mini-Storage
  • Warehouses, Industrial, Manufacturing facilities

If you own paper assets I can even help you with a Loan secured by your Securities Portfolio.  It is a non-recourse loan with fixed rates between 2.5% – 4.5%.

Now let’s talk about the differences between a residential and commercial mortgage loan.  Residential real estate uses a debt-to-income formula for judging your ability to repay a loan while commercial real estate is based on the subject property‘s debt coverage service ratio formula to qualify.  This means that to qualify for a commercial loan, you’ll have to know what your projected return on investment (ROI) will be when making a commercial property purchase.

The cash flow generated from your commercial real estate property will be one of the factors in determining both the value of the property as well as its future return.  The type and amount of your commercial loan is also dependent on other factors, including your business and personal credit history, your net worth or financial strength, the type of property and its overall condition, its cash flow, the geographical location of the property, and the general economic outlook of the local market.

When purchasing your commercial property you must know exactly how you’ll use the property.  What type of property will you acquire?  How will the property be used to improve your cash flow and financial goals?  How long will you hold the property?  Will you be an owner/tenant or just an investor?  And do you have an exit strategy?  These are all questions you’ll want to think about before applying for your commercial financing.

After you’ve established the market need and use for the property, you’ll also want to analyze its current and future cash flow that will contribute to your ROI.  I’ll help you get started and answer any other questions you may have.

Why work with me? Finding out your best commercial finance solutions requires you to spend time and effort in determining the best lender for your particular situation.  When you allow me to help, you’ll save time and frustration associated with the process of finding the right program.  So don’t wait another moment just complete Carmen’s short form and e-mail it to me at carmen@glblsolutions.com.  I’ll be sure to respond within 24 hours hours.

For a more streamlined process APPLY FOR A COMMERCIAL LOAN


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