Should you need financing for an Apartment Complex (5 units or more) you need not worry.  Our affiliates are a select group of lenders approved under Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing product.  Through our best DUS® lenders we can provide you with excellent terms and competitive, tiered pricing for the purchase and refinance of apartment properties.

Standard DUS®
This program provides competitive, tiered pricing for acquisition or refinance of multifamily projects nationwide, including recently completed projects.

Adjustable Rate (ARM)
Most of our ARM programs come with an initial interest rate lower than available fixed rates, a maximum interest rate that is set upon loan origination and the ability to convert to fixed rate financing in a higher interest rate environment.

Small Loans Program
Our Small Loans program streamlines the entire loan process for multifamily acquisition and refinancing for loans up to $3 million($5 million in major MSAs). Reduced documentation requirements, streamlined report formats and flexible legal/closing requirements make this the best financing option for loans from $1 million to $3 million (or $5 million in major MSAs) nationwide.

Choice Refinance
You’ll like our Choice Refinance program due to its reduced documentation requirements, the most flexible and inexpensive refinance fee structure available and, above all, the expedience in service you get.

DUS® Manufactured Housing Community Loans
Our DUS® Manufactured Housing Community Loans product provides competitive pricing, flexible terms and functions as a major source of liquidity for Community Owners of 4 or 5 star properties.

MBS Multifamily Affordable Housing (MAH)
Our DUS® MAH product provides flexible terms for acquisition or refinance of multifamily projects nationwide that qualify as affordable housing. Eligible properties are those that participate in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program are encumbered by a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract or participate in the Section 8 program (either through vouchers or direct payments). Other special uses can be considered for MAH status.

Need help with financing your apartment complex financing needs?  Contact me now.  To get a loan quote within 2-3 business days please provide me with the following documentation.


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