Multiple Residential Rentals Blanket Loans

Our Blanket Loan secured by multiple residential rentals provides investors with solutions when buying/refinancing large blocks (min. 5 properties) of residential investment properties across the United States.  Please note that NO exceptions can be granted on the number of properties.  However, the real estate portfolio securing the loan can include various types of properties in various parts of the U.S.


*  Minimum Loan Amounts: $150K (no exceptions granted below this amount)
*  Eligible properties: SFR’s, 2-4 units, condos, townhouses (No Manufactured Homes)
*  LTV on SFR’s & 2-4 Units: Up to 70% (up to 75% on loans above $5MM)
*  LTV on Condo’s & Townhouses: Up to 60% (condos); Up to 65% (townhouses)
*  Rates: Low 6% – High 6% (5YR & 10YR Fixed) or in the low 7’s for 30 year Fixed mortgages
*  Rate (above $5MM): High 3% – Mid 5% (5YR & 10YR Fixed)
*  Amortization: 30YR
*  Prepayment Penalty: Yield Maintenance 4.5YR (5YR Fixed) or 9.5YR (10YR Fixed); NO PPP on 30 yr Fixed Loans
*  Recourse: Full or Non-recourse
*  Properties can be spread out, and even be located in different states
*  Portfolios can have different property types (condos, townhomes, SFRs)
*  Borrowers can sell off a property if they want (conditions apply)
*  Rented C+ properties & neighborhoods (no lending in the Detroit area at this time)
*  Financially sound Borrowers
*  U.S. citizens and Foreign Borrowers

Buying or refinancing 5 or more residential rentals?  CONTACT ME NOW to get a quote for your Residential Portfolio Loan within 24 hours from submitting your loan documents.


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