Commercial Loans on Individual 1-4 Unit Rental Properties

This is an excellent loan program for small residential investors, designed to help those in need of financing an individual 1-4 unit purchase, refinance to pay off a balloon note, or even cash out some of the built-in equity.


  • Full Recourse commercial loan secured by residential investment R.E.
  • Minimum property value $100,000
  • Minimum loan amount starts at $75,000 (no exceptions)
  • No higher than 75% LTV
  • Reserves Required: 12 mo. PITI for one loan/property, 6 mo. PITI for two or more loans/properties
  • US and foreign borrowers accepted
  • 620 credit score for US/Canadians
  • Fixed rates on 30 year notes fully amortized
  • NO prepayment penalty
  • First mortgage only
  • Value based on purchase price plus any rehab work within the first 12 months. After 12 months the
    appraised value is used to establish value.

Buying or refinancing a residential rental?  CONTACT ME NOW to get a quote for your loan within 24 hours from submitting your loan documents.


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