Documents Needed

Once you’re ready to move forward with your loan submission you’ll be asked to gather and submit to us the following documents:

*Summary for rehab project with the below:

  • Property information (location, description, market info, etc.)
  • Numbers breakdown for project, to include purchase, rehab/construction, closing costs, realtor fees, holding costs, etc.
  • Detailed rehab cost estimate/bid
  • BPO/CMA for ARV showcasing recent comps – Comps should reflect the median sales prices of homes in the subject market.
  • Color photos of the subject property and/or architectural renderings

*PFS for all sponsors (see attached)

*Credit report-lender can pull this if needed

*2 months recent bank/asset statements for borrowing entity

*Most Recent 1040 for borrower or borrowing entity

*Bio/background on borrower(s) showcasing past projects

  • Should include purchase price, before and after photos, projected project costs vs actual costs, project time line, sales price, ROI, and copy of closing statement

*Bio on GC and/or construction company

*Executed purchase contract (if available at time of submission)

*Title Prelim (if available)



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